Mar 14, 2011

contohi akal dan budi mereka

6:04 PM
apabila jepun semakin sesak dengan berita tsunami, gempa bumi, letupan, radioaktif malaysia pula tidak ketinggalan sesak dengan pelbagai berita yang melebih2, komen2 yang kurang memberangsang dan juga ucapan2 yang boleh buat air mata menitik. 

mungkin bagi orang yang jauh dari tempat bencana x rasa pape sangat. macam orang yang duk malaysia, mungkin tak rasa sangat. tambahan lagi kalau xde saudara atau kenalan kat bumi jepun ni. tpt aku ni pun jauh sangat dengan tempat gempa bumi, tsunami tapi kesan dia terasa jugak. siang malam duk fikir pasal kawan2 kat area berdekatan. fikir pasal keadaan mereka yang teruk kena tempiasnya. bila tengok video saat2 tsunami dtg, tgk kereta kat ats jalan ngan bergerak lagi tetiba dtg tsunami sapu mcm tu je. tgk video org y sempat masuk dalam kereta tp xsempat nk g mana2 dah kena bawak lari ngan tsunami. tgk video mereka y bgn pagi2 pergi tempat y kena tsunami sebab nk cari family y xdpt contact since tsunami berlaku. tgk video org y dpt jumpa balik bila terpisah after tsunami. menitik air mata.

"dapat jumpa je pon dah cukup"

ni je ucapan dr rata2 mereka bila dpt jumpa blk ngan family y terpisah. ada pulak kanak2 y kecik duduk  ngan org lain kt kwn penempatan sementara. hari2 tanya "kenapa ngan mak" dorg xpaham pon lagi apa y berlaku tapi tabah je tgu mak dorg balik.

kita y jauh ni, kalau tak dapat nak tolong pun, sekurang2 nya jangan la luahkan perkara2 y x sepatutnya. malu la weyh!

ni aku sertakan note y aku rs dah byk sgt org share. tgk dan contohi sikap mereka. ambil la iktibar dan pengajaran. 

* ディズニーランドでの出来事
At Tokyo Disneyland:
Tokyo Disneyland was handing out its shops’ food and drinks for free to the stranded people nearby. I saw a bunch of snobby looking highschool girls walking away with large portions of it and initially though “What the …” But I later I found out they were taking them to the families with little children at emergency evacuation areas. Very perceptive of them, and a very kind thing to do indeed.

* 国連からのメッセージ
国連からのコメント「日本は今まで世界中に援助をしてきた援助大国だ。今回は国連が全力で日本を援助する。」 に感動した。良い事をしたら戻ってくるのです。これがいい例なのです
Message from the UN
Secretary General Ban Ki Moon: “Japan is one of (the UN’s) most generous and strongest benefactors, coming to the assistance of those in need the world over. In that spirit, the United Nations stands by the people of Japan and we will do anything and everything we can at this very difficult time.” I was moved at his words. What better example that good things happen to those who do good.

* 渋滞した交差点での出来事
At a congested downtown intersection …
Cars were moving at the rate of maybe one every green light, but everyone was letting each other go first with a warm look and a smile. At a complicated intersection, the traffic was at a complete standstill for 5 minutes, but I listened for 10 minutes and didn’t hear a single beep or honk except for an occasional one thanking someone for giving way. It was a terrifying day, but scenes like this warmed me and made me love my country even more.

* 揺れている最中でも・・・
During the earthquake
We’ve all been trained to immediately open the doors and establish an escape route when there is an earthquake. In the middle of the quake while the building was shaking crazily and things falling everywhere, a man made his way to the entrance and held it open. Honestly, the chandelier could have crashed down any minute … that was a brave man!

* バス停で・・・
バスが全然来ない中、@saiso が、バス停の前にある薬局でカイロを買ってきて、並んで待ってる人みんなに配った!
Bus stop mini episode:
It was freezing and bus was taking ages to arrive. “@saiso” left the queue to run to a nearby pharmacy. He bought heating pads and gave one to everyone in the queue!

* ディズニーシーにて
Thank you Tokyo Disney Sea
My daughter who was staying at DisneySea just made it back home! Many, many thanks to the staff who worked very hard in the cold with ready smiles that made her to feel safe and secure during the entire night. They brought her food, drinks, snacks, heating pads, and anything necessary to ensure she was comfortable and secure throughout her stay. I was touched by the Disney staff’s warmth and hospitality. Thank you so much!

* 日本人の良さを再認識
Reminded of the goodness of the Japanese people
This earthquake has reminded me of that Japanese goodness that had recently become harder and harder to see. Today I see no crime or looting: I am reminded once again of the good Japanese spirit of helping one another, of propriety, and of gentleness. I had recently begun to regard my modern countrymen as cold people … but this earthquake has revived and given back to all of us the spirit of “kizuna” (bond, trust, sharing, the human connection). I am very touched. I am brought to tears.

* 段ボールに感動
Card board boxes, Thank you!
It was cold and I was getting very weary waiting forever for the train to come. Some homeless people saw me, gave me some of their own cardboard boxes and saying “you’ll be warmer if you sit on these!” I have always walked by homeless people pretending I didn’t see them, and yet here they were offering me warmth. Such warm people.

* 外国人から見た日本人
What foreigners are saying about Japanese people
At a supermarket where everything was scattered everywhere over the floors, shoppers were helping pick them up and putting them back neatly on the shelves before quietly moving into line to wait to pay for them. On the totally jam-packed first train after the quake, an elderly man gave up his seat for a pregnant woman. Foreigners have told me they are amazed witnessing sights like these. I do believe they actually saw what they said they saw. Japan is truly amazing.

* メディアの動きについて
Information network this time around
The information sharing efforts on Twitter or USTREAM, together with the quality of coverage and crucial updates provided by the mass media this time around is incomparable to what we got during the Kobe earthquake. I am deeply impressed by Japan’s successful efforts and ability to put to practice lessons learnt from past tragedies.

dan  banyak lagi boleh baca di sumber : link 

baca sini pon boleh. mantap lagi tulisan kawan aku nih.

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