Oct 25, 2009

my life or someone else life?

6:04 PM

"we struggle to be the best character in our own life without knowing we actually be the worse part in someone`s life"

wah abes bersastera bagai kan...tapi itulah y berlaku tanpa kita sedar sbenarnye~
we try our very best to be the best part, obviously in our drama life...but without knowing that in someone`s life, who struggle their best also to be the best in their own life,we are being judge as a bad character. *oh sila abaikan kesalahan tatabahasa oke. eh jgn abaikan.betulkan hehe.

tapi kita xminta semua itu kan. because without both best n worse.. there would be no life at all. n both of it actually can be a good thing to help us to move on. today we are the bad one but maybe one day we will be the good one not in our life but in someone else.

erm. why not we struggle to be the best part not only in ours but also in someone else life.menarik bukan?

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