Aug 20, 2010

sultan brunei (king of luxury)

5:03 PM
hai hai bai bai jangan babai dulu.
masih ingat zaman sekolah dulu-dulu? zaman nak bejinak2  ngan emel bagai ni. yang popular pula surat @ emel berantai  ni. takkan dah lupa kot. yang siap kat bawah ada tulis kalau tak forward bala datang, kalau forward dapat pahala berganda-ganda. tu dia ustazah dah datang nak bagi ceramah. eh eh baca bagi habis dulu boleh tak?

okay. harini aku nak kongsi emel berantai yang aku selalu dapat. tak kisah lah dah lapuk atau tak. dan niataku bukak sebab nak elak bala ke apa. hanya dengan niat berkongsi cerita, berita sensasi, info berguna dan sebagainya. aku liat nak forward2 msg ni so aku guna medium blog ni je la. hehe

harini nak cerita pasal sultan brunei. mungkin cerita lapuk
3 children are born every second in this world;
10 mobile phones sold on the international level;
auto manufactures produce a car every 4.5 seconds on average;
and on the level ofthe human mind=brain cells send 200 directives each second to perform the various of physical and mental health
Theworld spends 37 million euros for arms on the international llevel one second,
And the Sultan of Brunei`s wealth increase by 90 euros everysecond!
no envyplease!
these are some pictures of his palace
the largest and the most luxurious place in the wrold
consist of 1788 rooms with some furnished in gold and diamond-encrusted 257 bath inlaid with gold and silver
and a garage to accommodate 110 cars
the palace has 650 suites
each furnished at notless than 150,000 thousand euros
this requires the visitor to spend 24 hours justto inspect each room for 30 seconds

when the sultan brunei`s son married, the legendary celebrations continued for 14 days. ata cost of about five million dollars, attended by more than 25 heads ofstate and family members.

car inlaid with pure gold

the princess wears a crown of diamond and carries a small bouquet of flowers studded with diamond. She also wears huge diamonds as earrings, adding sparkle to her face.

wikipedia says he has

  • 531 mercedes-benzes
  • 367 ferraris
  • 362 Bentleys
  • 185 BMWs
  • 177 Jaguars
  • 160 Porsches
  • 130Rolls-Royces
  • 20 Lamborghinis

bringing the total number ofhis cars to 1932



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saving huda on August 20, 2010 at 5:18 PM said...

yg kete hitam tu spe pny k ckyn?

cKyN WaN on August 20, 2010 at 5:21 PM said...

One of the cars of the Sultan of Brunei
At the special request of the Sultan of Brunei,
the Rolls Royce company
combined their car designs with that of Porsche.
This vehicle is currently in London
for use during his stay in Britain..

lupe nk letak skalik hehehe


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